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  • Further optimization of the installation structure of E-Bike Central Motor
    With the popularity of electric bicycles, the overall structural design and transmission system structure have also been greatly developed. Compared with the traditional front drive and rear drive mode, the E-Bike Central Motor has been widely used for its low magnetic resistance, low labor, small size, light weight, large torque for climbing, easy installation and maintenance. Applications.
  • E-Bike middle motor is the application and popularization
    In many places, electric bicycles are now more popular. It has long been a popular transportation and sporting tool in the market. Generally speaking, under the mode of assisting the driving, the people must move the car first, and the motor will give help and control. The riding control is strong; the electric power is superimposed on the manpower, ensuring the stability of safety and acceleration, no sense of frustration, smooth cycling and smooth acceleration.
  • Composition and working principle of 36V 250W E-Bike central motor
    In order to further improve the stability and reliability of the 36V 250W electric bicycle system, we need to choose a more practical and reliable 36V 250W E-Bike central motor. From a technical point of view, the main components of the 36V 250W electric power bicycle central motor include the motor assembly, the five-way pipe and the center shaft located in the five-way pipe.
  • The composition and function of E-Bike Drive System
    The E-Bike Drive System mainly consists of two parts, namely hardware system and software system. As a safe, economical and clean green vehicle, electric bicycles not only have their unique advantages and competitiveness in energy and environment, but also can more easily adopt modern control technology to achieve their goal of mechatronics. Broad development prospects.
  • Different structure of 36V 250W rear hub motor electric bicycle conversion kit
    The motor power system of the 36V 250W rear hub motor electric bicycle conversion kit is mainly composed of an electric motor, a speed reduction mechanism, a brake and a heat dissipation system. The hub motor power system is mainly divided into two types according to the rotor type of the motor: an inner rotor type and an outer rotor type.
  • What are the main components of the electric bicycle central motor kit?
    The electric assist bicycle central motor unit is mainly composed of a motor assembly, a five-way pipe and a bearing. The motor assembly is composed of a motor, a planetary gear reduction mechanism and a clutch. The electric power bicycle central motor kit also includes components such as a magnetic ring, a five-way pipe, a center shaft, a motor casing, a rotor, a stator, and a motor shaft.
  • Selection of electric hub motor kit for bicycles
    For the electric hub motor kit for bicycles, the focus is on the choice of the manufacturer. It is recommended that priority should be given to those manufacturers who have the technical strength to understand the motor technology, have the design capability, the production and assembly equipment is perfect, the process is mature, and the testing means are complete. This is a problem that must be brought to the attention of the vehicle manufacturers.
  • Two basic structural forms of the 36V 350W Rear Hub Motor
    The 36V 350W Rear Hub Motor is an outer rotor type motor and usually includes categories such as "AC" and "DC", "High Speed" and "Low Speed". The rated voltage of the AC hub motor is 380V, which is an external rotor type three-phase AC motor. The main advantages are simple manufacturing process, low cost and high reliability.
  • Analysis of the Advantages of Using 500W Rear Wheel Hub Motor for E-Bike 500W rear hub motor
    The electric assist bicycle 500W rear hub motor has obvious advantages in use. Firstly, it adopts the rear triangular structure design, which makes the overall strength more stable and reliable, and the transmission and routing of the torque cadence signal is more convenient.
  • Front hub motor definition and main structural components
    At present, in the structural design of the more exquisite and compact electric bicycle on the market, in order to balance the overall shape of the internal shifting drum and the vehicle, the structural design of the front hub motor is often used. In addition, some brands have installed motors for the front and rear wheels in order to pursue more powerful power.
  • 48V 350W E-Bike Crank Motor structure design advantage
    The elastic torsion body of the 48V 350W E-Bike Crank Motor is preferably made of the existing thin-walled steel pipe with good toughness and torsion performance, and can further strengthen the torsion performance of the steel pipe, and can also be evenly spiraled on the steel pipe wall. Punch at intervals, or at least mill one of the inner and outer spiral grooves, or cut a spiral cut. Of course, the elastic torsion body can also be a conventional spring.
  • Benefits of using a 36V 250W E-Bike Mid Motor
    The 36V 250W electric bicycle has been favored by countless consumers due to its advantages of lightness, effort and environmental protection, and has been widely promoted and applied. The existing type of electric bicycles are usually equipped with a 36V 250W electric assist bicycle center motor. The so-called center motor is a motor assembly that is mounted on one side of the bicycle five-way pipe and connected to the chain drive.
  • Optimized design of hub drive e-Bike kit
    The Hub Drive Electric Power Bike Kit is a smarter powertrain system that allows you to accurately sense the level of effort required to ride. Usually, the more power you step on, the greater the power boost, which makes riding easier. The pedaling responds immediately, and when the tire is stopped, the power can be cut off immediately, and the human power is integrated into one, which is safe and reliable.
  • The function and function of the rear wheel electric bicycle motor kit
    The rear-wheel-assisted bicycle motor kit usually includes 2 sets of DC motors, 2 sets of motor-specific encoders, 2 high-quality rubber wheels and a set of couplings, which is very suitable for the research of advanced robot motion algorithms. Thanks to the rated torque of the motor up to 1.0 N.m, this power combination makes it easy to drive medium-sized robot platforms.
  • Front wheel electric bicycle motor kit kit realizes fast drive
    By installing the front-wheel-assisted bicycle motor kit, the rider can get a better riding experience, and it saves a lot of climbing power under the electric drive. There are a variety of cycling kits for mechanically changing power on the market today. Accessories also include embedded batteries, phone clips, controllers, power adapters and a wide range of gadgets and tools.
  • The competitiveness of electric bicycle wheel hub motor
    One of the major advantages of the electric bicycle wheel hub motor in the application is that the power, transmission and braking devices can be integrated into the hub, thus greatly simplifying the mechanical part of the electric vehicle. In-wheel motor technology has long been used in mine transportation vehicles and other fields.
  • Optimal design and performance of E-Bike hub motor
    After the optimization design of the electric assisted single wheel hub motor, the performance indexes of the products have been tested by the relevant appraisal department and the long-term use of the user: after the electric drive single wheel hub motor product has a large starting torque, strong climbing force, high efficiency and noise Low, low failure rate and other advantages.
  • Performance and power support of 36V 250W electric power bicycle crank motor
    The electric assist bicycle is a very light and flexible personal transport. It not only has the lightness and convenience of the bicycle, but also can effectively compensate the burden of the bicycle uphill, headwind and load. The 36V 250W electric assist bicycle crank motor is one of the important components of the electric assist bicycle, which lays a good foundation for vehicle performance.
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