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48V 350W E-Bike Crank Motor structure design advantage
Dec 27, 2018

The elastic torsion body of the 48V 350W E-Bike Crank Motor is preferably made of the existing thin-walled steel pipe with good toughness and torsion performance, and can further strengthen the torsion performance of the steel pipe, and can also be evenly spiraled on the steel pipe wall. Punch at intervals, or at least mill one of the inner and outer spiral grooves, or cut a spiral cut. Of course, the elastic torsion body can also be a conventional spring.


The 48V 350W electric assist bicycle crank motor has the function of controlling the circuit board. It mainly refers to the voltage signal that can receive the output of the coil, and outputs the corresponding control signal to the motor according to the voltage signal, and the driving motor changes the output power.


48V 350W E-Bike Crank Motor structure design advantages: 1, compared to the existing Hall torque sensor, not limited by the installation position of the sensing element, there will be no weak defects in the low speed signal, but always ensure High sensitivity and high precision of the sensing signal; 2. Compared with the existing Hall torque sensor, the working performance is more stable and reliable, and it can also ensure that the electric bicycle is zero-started during riding and maintains stable driving performance; The motor assembly drives the output to be smooth and reliable, and also ensures that the entire mid-mounted motor unit has a more compact structure, saves space, and is easy to disassemble and install on the electric bicycle frame.