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48V 350W E-Bike Mid Motor performance
Dec 06, 2018

In urban life, the most fearful thing about daily travel is congestion. Therefore, more and more people like to travel to choose an electric car, but how far can an electric car run? When you encounter a half-way without electricity, you can quickly charge and shorten the life of the battery. This has become a common state for the majority of electric vehicle users. As a new force, electric-assisted bicycles with high-performance 48V 350W electric assisted bicycle center-mounted motor systems have become a major trend.


The 48V 350W E-Bike Mid Motor features a special power transmission structure and drive mode, making it easier to ride long distances and easier to climb on difficult steep slopes while riding. In general, in the mode of assisted operation, when people move the car, they must first step on the motor, the motor will give power, control is better, and the riding control is strong; while the electric power is superimposed on the manpower to ensure safety and acceleration. Smooth, no frustration, smooth cycling and smooth acceleration.


This is also one of the important reasons for the user's favor, and the 48V 350W electric bicycle center-mounted motor is installed in the vehicle system, which makes the center of gravity distribution more reasonable. The unique secondary transmission and the 1:39 speed ratio ensure the high motor. At the same time of efficiency, the speed of the rear flywheel is doubled, and the power is far better than the traditional electric vehicle, which is the core factor of the trend. This all indicates that the central motor is about to become popular.