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Advantages and structural requirements for E-Bike middle motor
Dec 04, 2018

The electric assist bicycle mid-mounted motor is the motor placed in the middle of the frame during the process of use. The motor can be divided into two types: the integrated frame and the external type according to the way of installation. According to the structure and shape of the motor, it can be divided into a coaxial central motor and a parallel shaft center motor.


The electric assist bicycle mid-mounted motor is generally a column motor, which is driven by an all-steel gear. Advantages of high power, low energy loss, no need to change carbon brushes (relative to brushed three-wheel motor). The rotor of the geared motor rotates at a high speed and is transmitted to the outer rim or the output shaft by the internal gear reduction of the motor.


The shaft end seal of the electric assist bicycle center motor is mainly sealed by its packing, and the sealing material is generally

Oil-impregnated asbestos, if a small amount of leakage is found during use, tighten the packing cap to tighten the bolt. The pulverizer, material collection box and vacuum cleaner of the pulverizing unit are all made of stainless steel. Meet the requirements of "GMP" for pharmaceutical production.