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Advantages of 150W rear hub motor and its lubrication requirements
Jan 31, 2019

The 150W rear hub motor is currently the mainstream motor used in electric vehicles, and the high-speed brushless and toothed 150W rear hub motor is favored by consumers because of its advantages in load and torque. It is equipped with high-speed brushless and geared hub motor. Electric vehicles have obvious advantages in terms of speed, load-bearing and climbing power compared to electric vehicles equipped with low-speed brushless gearless hub motors.
Generally speaking, the gear materials for the brushless toothed 150W rear hub motors are all nylon gears, all steel gears, nylon teeth with steel gears, nylon teeth with metallurgical powder gears. Since it is difficult to add grease after the motor is produced, many manufacturers require the grease to be lubricated for life. This makes it have a lot of special requirements for grease, and ordinary grease is difficult to meet its needs.
The basic requirements of the 150W rear hub motor grease are cooling, noise reduction, high and low temperature resistance, long service life, and certain adhesion, which can keep the gears in a grease-lubricated state at high speeds without Was taken off. If the gear is made of plastic such as nylon, it should also consider the rubber-plastic compatibility of the grease, and whether it will corrode the plastic parts.
Among them, the adhesion and high and low temperature resistance of the grease are the two most important parts of the 150W rear hub motor grease. On the one hand, the viscosity of the grease must ensure that the grease can always adhere to the gear to play a lubricating role. On the other hand, it is required that the grease does not change much at a high temperature and at a normal temperature, and still maintains good adhesion and lubricity. Also, for manufacturers that require quality, the low temperature performance of grease is also considered.