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Advantages of E-Bike rear wheel motor application on vehicles
Jan 29, 2019

The E-Bike rear wheel motor can be easily placed in the hub without changing the basic design of the bicycle. Thanks to this positioning, the power-assisted bicycle rear-wheel motor can be retrofitted to almost any bicycle using a conversion kit. If you already have the right bike, this can reduce your costs.
The E-Bike rear wheel motor is a relatively simple motor that is completely independent, which means that the ready-made one can be used on almost any bicycle. Since the electric assist bicycle rear wheel motors are sealed, maintenance costs are extremely low and they are generally unaffected by wind, rain, snow and sleet.
The electric assist bicycle rear wheel motor is mounted directly on the wheel that powers it for high efficiency, and the motor can move the wheel very efficiently, just like in a wheel. The center of gravity is very low, which helps balance and preserve the classic bicycle feel. If you need to repair or repair, you can easily access the electric assist bicycle rear wheel motor. In addition, the electric assisted bicycle rear wheel motor ensures the safety of the vehicle during fast riding.