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Advantages of electric bike central motor
Sep 08, 2018

In general, if you want to make your electric bicycle achieve better performance, you will usually use a mid-mounted motor. The electric bike central motor is often installed in the middle of the frame, and according to the installation method, the center motor is divided into two types: the integrated frame and the external type. According to the structure and shape of the motor, it can be divided into a coaxial central motor and a parallel shaft center motor.


The advantage of the electric bike central motor is that, thanks to the superiority of its installation position, the front and rear weight balance of the vehicle can be maintained as much as possible without affecting the movement of the shock absorber. Not only that, the motor is subjected to less impact on the road during the running of the vehicle, and the ultra-high integration can reduce unnecessary duct exposure.


For the user, the bicycle of this structure is superior to the model of the hub motor in terms of handling, stability and passability. Of course, when we purchase the electric assist bicycle central motor, we need to analyze the multiple dimensions of its comprehensive performance, price, and use.