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Advantages of the hub motor
Aug 16, 2018

Omit a large number of transmission components to make the vehicle structure simpler

For conventional vehicles, clutches, transmissions, drive shafts, differentials and even transfer cases are essential, and these components are not only lightweight, but also make the structure of the vehicle more complex, and also require regular maintenance and The problem of failure rate. But the hub motor solves this problem very well. In addition to a simpler structure, a vehicle driven by a hub motor can achieve better space utilization and a higher transmission efficiency.

can achieve a variety of complex driving methods

Because the hub motor has the characteristics of a single wheel independent drive, it can be easily implemented in either the front, rear or four-wheel drive versions. Full-time four-wheel drive is very easy to implement on a wheel-motor-driven vehicle. At the same time, the hub motor can realize the differential steering of the similar tracked vehicle through different speeds of the left and right wheels or even reverse, greatly reducing the turning radius of the vehicle, and in almost special circumstances can realize the in-situ steering (but at this time, the steering mechanism of the vehicle and Tire wear is large) and is valuable for special vehicles.

facilitates the use of multiple new energy vehicle technologies

Many new energy vehicles are powered by electric drives, so the hub motor drive has also come in handy. Whether it is a pure electric or fuel cell electric vehicle, or an extended-range electric vehicle, the hub motor can be used as the main driving force; even for the hybrid model, the hub motor can be used as a boost for starting or accelerating. A multi-purpose machine. At the same time, many technologies for new energy vehicles, such as brake energy recovery (ie, regenerative braking), can also be easily implemented on in-wheel motor-driven models.