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Analysis of The Advantages and Disadvantages of The Center Motor
Oct 16, 2018

一, the advantage analysis

1. Efficient, safe and environmentally friendly

When the bicycle battery is exhausted, it can be used like a normal bicycle, without the reluctance feeling, easy and convenient. Compared with the traditional lead-acid electric car, the lithium battery is light and durable, making the electric car not bulky, convenient to park, and occupying land. The space is small and more beautiful, and it is more suitable for urban white-collar workers.

2, long life, light weight, small size

The lithium battery is charged for 4~6 hours, and the cruising range of the center motor is 60--80 kilometers, and the weight is only about 1/5 of the lead-acid battery. Compared with bicycles, it only increases the weight of the motor, and it is not as bulky as ordinary electric vehicles.

3, the design is more humane

a. Place the position of the motor in the middle of the frame to prevent unsafe factors caused by the instability of the center of gravity of the hub motor during cornering.

b. Using a new high-quality motor to make the ride quiet, fast, convenient and natural. The folding model can be folded, the handlebar, the body tube, the seat tube and the car are four folds, which are small in size and light in weight, and are easy to carry. The factory can set the maximum speed, the speed limit to 25 km / h, so that the rider is safe, the family is more assured.

4, super matching, multiple exclusive patents

a. Many years of independent research and development and manufacturing of Mid- Motor, to ensure the matching of all components, obtained the national patents of Europe, America and Japan, effectively solve the bicycle riding effort, the weight of the electric vehicle is large, the ride after the power is off, etc. Key problem,

b. Different from other motors, after the installation of Truckrun Motor, it does not affect the shifting of the bicycle. It can be easily shifted, which makes the bicycle more labor-saving, saves electricity, and the mileage is improved. At the same time, when the wheel is disassembled, it can be easily disassembled. And no wheel hub motor is cumbersome.

二, the disadvantage analysis

Relatively high price

At present, the price of the mid-mounted motor bicycle is higher than that of the hub motor bicycle, and the lithium battery used in combination with it is several times more expensive than the ordinary lead-acid battery, so it is difficult to quickly get the consumer's approval in the market. However, as the rank of the world-class motor, Truckrun has an absolute advantage, making it the best price-performance central motor.