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Application characteristics of E bike front motor
Sep 18, 2018

There are a variety of E bike front motor that can be seen in the market today. They are not only in a variety of shapes, but also in different configurations. As an important component, the installation position of the motor is also different. For example, when the structure design is used, the electric assist bicycle front motor can be used. What is the characteristic of this motor?


We know that everyone is very concerned about whether the motor is reliable. In comparison, the E bike front motor is small in size, simple in structure and light in weight. Due to the structural characteristics of the bicycle itself, most of the weight is carried by the rear wheels, so the front-end motor consumes less energy than the rear-mounted motor during start-up and operation, and the vehicle with the front-mounted motor has a longer range than the rear-mounted motor.


Not only that, the bicycle with the E bike front motor is not only reduced in energy consumption, but also has the characteristics of multiple shifting mechanisms inside and outside the high-end bicycle, which can become a true high-grade electric motor. bicycle.