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Assembly procedure of 48V 350W E-bike central motor
Nov 13, 2018

When disassembling the 48V 350W E-bike central motor for assembly, first unplug the motor and the controller. At this time, it is necessary to record the correspondence between the leads to facilitate the installation. Clean the site before opening the motor cover. The radial clearance between the rotor and the stator of the 48V 350W electric assist bicycle central motor is called air gap, generally between 0.25-0.8mm.


When the 48V 350W electric assist bicycle central motor is removed to eliminate the motor fault, the original end cap mark must be assembled to prevent the broom after the secondary assembly. After the problem is solved, reassemble the motor. Before assembling the brush motor, check the elasticity of the spring inside the brush holder, check whether the carbon brush and the brush holder are rubbed, check whether the carbon brush can reach the maximum stroke in the brush holder, and pay attention to the correct positioning of the carbon brush and the phase changer. In order to avoid bad carbon brushes or brush grips.


Finally, all the tooth surfaces of the gear need to be coated with grease, which can effectively reduce the noise of the motor running. However, it should be noted that the general use of No. 3 grease or the manufacturer's specified lubricant, in order to achieve a good lubrication effect, is conducive to the 48V 350W electric power bicycle central motor operation.