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Benefits of using a 36V 250W E-Bike Mid Motor
Dec 25, 2018

The 36V 250W electric bicycle has been favored by countless consumers due to its advantages of lightness, effort and environmental protection, and has been widely promoted and applied. The existing type of electric bicycles are usually equipped with a 36V 250W electric assist bicycle center motor. The so-called center motor is a motor assembly that is mounted on one side of the bicycle five-way pipe and connected to the chain drive.


We know that the electric assist bicycle used in the past is mainly controlled by the handlebar, that is to say, the output power of the motor is controlled by the handlebar. At present, more and more electric bicycles mainly use the torque sensor to ride people. The force of the foot is converted into a corresponding voltage signal output, and the output power of the motor is controlled after being amplified. In other words, the advantage of using a 36V 250W electric assisted bicycle mid-range motor is that it can save a lot of energy.


The 36V 250W electric assisted bicycle mid-mounted motor is a kind of electric bicycle center-mounted motor device that can detect static and dynamic torque and work more stable and reliable. The sensing device also ensures that the electric bicycle starts and keeps zero during riding. Stable driving performance.