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Central Motors more than a Hundred years ago
Oct 17, 2018

      In the moment, electric bicycles with center-mounted motors are synonymous with sports and high-quality products with their unique product advantages. In fact, as early as 1897, the inventor Hosea W. Libbey designed the electric bicycle of the mid-mounted motor. This electric car has no pedals and is driven by a connecting rod. Even more peculiar is that it uses a double stator permanent magnet motor, the motor looks like a burger, the stator is on both sides, the rotor is sandwiched in the middle, and the left and right drive links are connected on both sides. The battery is mounted directly above the motor, the rear seems to be two wheels connected side by side, and the rear wheel also has a cross-mounted bow-shaped "leaf spring" that makes up the original rear suspension, perhaps called the electric tricycle. 

In 1897, Hosea W. Libbey, the first mid-mounted motor