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Classification of Electric Bicycles
Sep 27, 2018

The E-Bike, which is commonly referred to in China, refers to electric assist bicycles, originally originated in Japan and later developed in Europe. According to EU regulations, related products are generally divided into three categories: electric booster bicycles (Pedelec), high-speed electric assist bicycles (S-Pedelec) and electric bicycles (E-Bike).

Pedelec is the abbreviation of English Pedal Electric Cycle. This type of motor usually only assists the rider when actively pedaling. Therefore, it is also called semi-stepping electric bicycle, which is what our current riders usually mean. E-Bike".

With different power-assisting modes, the pedal assist of the electric assist bicycle (Pedelec) can meet the special requirements of different users. Usually, the gear position is divided according to the strength of the boost, and some brands can distinguish the gear according to the application scene, such as the flat road. , off-road, climbing, downhill. Of course, the degree of assist will affect the cruising range of the motor boost and the energy consumption of the battery.

S-Pedelec is a high-speed model of the electric booster bicycle (Pedelec), also known as the high-speed electric assist bicycle. It works in the same way as a regular electric bicycle (Pedelec). It is also necessary to step on the manpower, and the motor will give the boost. The difference is that the high-speed electric assist bicycle (S-Pedelec) has higher rated power and power-off speed threshold.

The third category of electric bicycles is the electric bicycle (E-Bike). The E-Bike is the abbreviation of ElectricL Bike. The biggest difference between it and the assist bicycle is that the vehicle is driven by the motor even if the pedal is not stepped on.