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Composition and working principle of 36V 250W E-Bike central motor
Jan 17, 2019

In order to further improve the stability and reliability of the 36V 250W electric bicycle system, we need to choose a more practical and reliable 36V 250W E-Bike central motor. From a technical point of view, the main components of the 36V 250W electric power bicycle central motor include the motor assembly, the five-way pipe and the center shaft located in the five-way pipe.


Among them, the 36V 250W E-Bike central motor assembly is mainly composed of a motor, a planetary gear reduction mechanism and a clutch. The utility model is characterized in that a magnetic ring is fixedly or integrally provided on the central axis, and a plurality of magnetic poles which are alternately arranged with S and N poles are evenly spaced on the magnetic ring. The central shaft is sleeved with an elastic torsion body, and one end of the elastic torsion body is fixed on the central shaft, and the other end is fixed with a central shaft gear.


The main working principle of the utility model 36V 250W E-Bike central motor is: during the start and riding of the electric bicycle, the person drives the pedal to drive the central shaft to rotate, and the relative rotation between the central shaft and the elastic torsion body also makes the magnetic A relative rotation occurs between the ring and the spacer ring. The motor control circuit board respectively outputs corresponding control signals according to the strength of the voltage signal, and the driving motor reduces or increases the operating power to output corresponding power. The motor transmits power to the clutch through the planetary gear reduction mechanism, and then transmits the power to the chain through the meshing relationship between the clutch gear and the middle shaft gear, thereby driving the electric bicycle to travel, which has a good power-saving effect and greatly saves energy.