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Conceptual technology and control requirements for E-bike front hub motor
Oct 23, 2018

E-bike front hub motor In hybrid and pure electric vehicles, the idea of having to place their motors in the hub during operation seems to be crazy, but it has become a reality more than 100 years ago. However, in the cars running on the road, the technology is almost invisible, and on the contrary, it has become a conceptual technology in the field of ordinary passenger cars.


The E-bike front hub motor technology is that the motor assembly integrated with the reducer is directly arranged in the hub, and the four wheel motors directly drive four wheels. Compared with the conventional electric vehicle, the hub motor technology saves the difference. Speed, half shaft and even two-speed gearing. It is precisely because in the process of driving the car, the mechanical loss of these mechanical transmission mechanisms is reduced, the transmission efficiency is directly improved, and unnecessary energy loss is reduced.


The E-bike front hub motor means that each wheel can be safely and independently controlled, which makes it easy to achieve its inter-wheel differential and torque vector control. Because the reducer, drive shaft and differential are not required, the vehicle can be given a more flexible space design.