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Construction and design of economical E-Bike crank motor
Nov 29, 2018

The economical E-Bike crank motor structure comprises a stator, a rotor and other accessories, wherein the stator is its stationary part, and the stator core is generally formed by laminating and laminating a silicon steel sheet having an insulating layer of 0.35-0.5 mm thick surface. The inner circle of the core is flushed with evenly distributed grooves for embedding the stator windings.


The stator winding of the economical E-Bike crank motor is made up of three identical windings which are arranged at an electrical angle of 120° apart from each other in the space. The coils of these windings are respectively embedded in the slots of the stator according to certain rules. . There is a wiring board in the junction box, and the six wire ends of the three-phase winding are arranged in two rows, and the three-phase winding is connected into a star connection or a delta connection.


The outer surface of the economical electric bicycle crank motor has a heat dissipation rib to increase the heat dissipation area. The end caps of the protective motor have ventilation holes at both ends, so that the air inside and outside the motor can be directly convected to facilitate heat dissipation. The rest is the rotor part.


The rotor core of the economical electric bicycle crank motor is made of the same material as the stator. It is made of 0.5 mm thick silicon steel sheet and laminated. The outer surface of the silicon steel sheet is uniformly distributed with holes for the rotor winding. The inner core of the silicon steel sheet that is behind the stator core is usually used to punch the rotor core.