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Design process and speed range of E-bike central motor drive system
Oct 27, 2018

The technical performance of the E-bike central motor drive system will directly affect the dynamic and economic performance of the vehicle during the design process. Therefore, it is necessary to assist the design by computer, and the electromagnetic field, temperature field and stress of the motor during operation. The field performs finite element analysis and selects the motor that meets the requirements of electric operation. It has the characteristics of wide speed regulation range, large starting torque, high backup power, high efficiency, high power density and high reliability.

The electric assisted bicycle central motor drive system is required to increase its rated working point and working current density during operation, and it is necessary to effectively reduce its copper consumption (high conductivity material) and iron consumption (high). Magnetic permeability). Moreover, the motor uses liquid cooling to increase heat capacity, reducing volume and quality. The motor technology is perfectly combined with power electronics technology, microelectronic technology and control technology, and finally developed into a reliable, easy to maintain, high power density, high integration intelligent motor.

The E-bike central motor drive system has the characteristics of smooth and accurate speed regulation, simple control, low cost, cumbersome and poor maintenance. Series-excited DC motor starting torque high and wide constant power speed range, suitable for traction applications.