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E-Bike middle motor is the application and popularization
Jan 19, 2019

In many places, electric bicycles are now more popular. It has long been a popular transportation and sporting tool in the market. Generally speaking, under the mode of assisting the driving, the people must move the car first, and the motor will give help and control. The riding control is strong; the electric power is superimposed on the manpower, ensuring the stability of safety and acceleration, no sense of frustration, smooth cycling and smooth acceleration.


Secondly, the use of the electric bicycle mid-mounted motor makes the center of gravity distribution more reasonable. The unique two-stage transmission and the 1:39 speed ratio ensure the high efficiency of the motor, and the speed of the rear flywheel is doubled. The power is far better than the traditional one. Electric cars, this is the core factor of the trend.


As the name implies, the E-Bike middle motor is installed in the middle of the front and rear wheels, and the power is transmitted to the rear wheels through chain and sprocket deceleration. Generally, it is a column motor, which relies on all-steel gear transmission. Its advantages are large power, low energy loss, no need to change carbon brushes, etc.; the rotor of the geared motor rotates at high speed, and is transmitted to the outer rim through the internal gear of the motor. Or the output shaft rotates.


As a new force, electric-assisted bicycles with high-performance electric bicycle mid-mounted motors have become a major trend. The unique power transmission structure and drive mode of the mid-mounted motor can make your long-distance riding easier and easier. Climb up the difficult steep slope