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E-Bike motor kit has teeth and no teeth
Feb 07, 2019

The common E-Bike motor kit is called the hub motor kit. It can be equipped with spokes and rims. The motor and the rim are integrated without spokes. The latter is also called integrated hub motor. The former is good for impact resistance. It is good for the motor.
The general speed of 3000 rpm is called the high-speed E-Bike motor kit, and the low-speed electric assist bicycle motor kit is 1000 rpm or less. At present, the brushless gearless hub motor can achieve 600 rpm or less. The conventional electric assist bicycle speed is less than 20 km/h. It can be reduced with a small gear with a large gear. The gear ratio of the large and small gears is called the reduction ratio. The reduction ratio is large, the torque is also large, and the climbing is powerful. The gears can be mounted inside the motor or outside the motor.
The E-Bike motor kit adopts two-stage deceleration. The first stage is inside the series motor. The front protruding part is a planetary gear speed reduction mechanism. The planetary gear is nylon, the second stage is outside the motor, and the motor output is small. The gear is transmitted through the chain to the rear axle of the vehicle, and the rear axle is equipped with a large gear. The noise through the chain transmission and deceleration is small, the efficiency is high, the parts are easy to buy, and the replacement is convenient. Moreover, the motor is mounted on the rear of the shaft, and it is not easy to drop the chain.