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Electric car motor development trend
Aug 16, 2018

Electric vehicles are undoubtedly one of the most "hot" products. The world's leading auto manufacturers are struggling to compete for this "new thing". Of course, domestic enterprises are not far behind, and electric vehicles are in the process of assembling vehicles. The quality of the vehicle directly determines the performance of the vehicle. The gap between the development of China's electric vehicle industry and foreign countries is widening. The gap between the motors is particularly obvious. Due to the development of new energy vehicles, the motor market for pure electric vehicles has become a key sales direction. Although many domestic companies claim to have the scientific research strength of the whole industry chain, a truly good motor must require long-term technical accumulation before it can be trial-produced. , testing, and finally to mass production. There are very few automakers in China that have the strength to do new energy motors, especially in the field of passenger vehicles. In the context of vigorously promoting the core autonomy of enterprises, everyone is reluctant to showcase them as one of the core components of new energy vehicles. The motor link is still subject to human conditions. There are many companies in China that claim to be new energy motors, but there are very few companies specializing in new energy motors. Many companies are switching from traditional industrial machinery and ships to new energy-driven motors. Production experience. Although the traditional industrial motor and the new energy automobile motor are in principle connected, there is still no small difference in actual manufacturing. The electric motors used in new energy vehicles are divided into asynchronous motors and permanent magnet motors. The former is mainly used for commercial vehicles such as public transportation and passenger transportation, while the latter is mainly used for passenger vehicles. Because the rotor of the asynchronous motor has no winding, no brush, no magnetic induction, low power conversion efficiency, simple structure, and relatively low price, mainly used in large passenger cars; and the rotor of the permanent magnet motor has windings and brushes. Rotor power supply, high power conversion efficiency, complex structure, and expensive, mainly used in environments with strict requirements on speed, such as pure electric passenger cars. In the process, many motor supporting companies are rushing to implement simple technical improvements in traditional industrial motors, and provide them as new energy vehicle motors to OEMs. However, in foreign countries, there are many strict technical indicators for the production of new energy automobile motors. New energy vehicles, especially pure electric vehicles, have different output powers when driving on different grades such as climbing, downhill, flat roads, and bumpy roads. Many domestic motor factories only slightly improve the production experience of traditional industrial motors. They do not take into account the use environment of new energy vehicle motors, which will greatly shorten the service life and easily cause dangerous situations such as local overheating and short circuit. Since we all realize that electric motor motors will have a broad market in the future, why not strictly control the development, testing, and commissioning of electric motors, conduct basic research as soon as possible, and start from scratch, and truly form electric motor motors. The industrial chain faces the opportunities at your fingertips with a sound attitude.

As an essential energy storage device in new energy vehicles, power batteries play an important role. Lead acid battery.

According to Wang Jingzhong, vice chairman of China Battery Industry Association, the development of new energy vehicles is driving .The battery has put forward high requirements, and the development and production of high-performance advanced power batteries have gradually developed. Among them, lithium-ion power batteries and new high-capacity lead-acid batteries have attracted much attention.