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Excellent DC Electric Motor Controller Features
Oct 06, 2018

1. The excellent DC electric motor controller adopts digital circuit, and the controller of the excellent electric bicycle based on single-chip microcomputer can accurately and effectively respond to the overload and uphill conditions, and gives corresponding response. Tips; can withstand the mechanical impact of various extreme conditions; in the case of "speeding" and other conditions, will not lose control, can take timely protective measures to ensure the safety of the rider; when running at steady speed, you can put power Losses are minimized.

2. The excellent DC electric motor controller has intelligent characteristics, which can adjust the power according to the change of voltage. When the electric bicycle is used, the voltage is low, the power is reduced, and the speed of the vehicle is naturally slowed down. After the reduction, the necessary power is output to stabilize the vehicle speed.

3. Excellent DC electric motor controller has the function of preventing electromagnetic pollution. The controller is prone to electromagnetic pollution such as frequency radiation, so the controller is also a flowing electromagnetic pollution source when riding all the way. The excellent controller is to reduce the electromagnetic pollution by optimizing the structural design and installing corresponding protective facilities.