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Five Advantages of Riding
Oct 11, 2018

1. Enjoy your commute ride

If you want to ride a bike every day, but the time is tight, then one of the most ideal ways to integrate it into your living arrangements is to become part of your daily commute. If you are riding a really long distance, you can use the most popular electric bicycle as a riding tool.

2. Hone your mind

Once you develop the habit of cycling to work, you will be better prepared for what will happen in the future. Related research has found that daily exercise will make you energetic and reduce fatigue. Even a short 30-minute workout will improve your reaction time, memory, and inspire your creativity.

3. Better sex life

Exercise has been shown to cause sexual impulses to some extent, reduce sexual dysfunction, or at least for some reason. A too comfortable environment will reduce testosterone levels in men, but only 20 minutes of strenuous exercise will make women more sensitive to sex.

4. Counteract the adverse effects of excessive diet

Daily exercise can make our muscles a 'buffer' for food. When you use your muscles, they break down the carbohydrate and fat reserves.

5. Extend life

Cycling commuting not only makes your life healthier and happy, but sticking to cycling year after year will make you live longer. Studies have shown that 30 minutes of exercise per day can extend life by 5 years.