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Front hub motor definition and main structural components
Dec 29, 2018

At present, in the structural design of the more exquisite and compact electric bicycle on the market, in order to balance the overall shape of the internal shifting drum and the vehicle, the structural design of the front hub motor is often used. In addition, some brands have installed motors for the front and rear wheels in order to pursue more powerful power. The rated power is even as high as 1000W. This type of product has already been classified as an electric motorcycle.

In fact, the front hub motor is favored by its mature design and obvious price advantage. There are two types of hub motors: toothed motors, also called gear motors, and gearless motors, also known as direct drive motors. The hub motor, as the name implies, is the motor mounted on the vehicle hub. The motor directly drives the wheels to drive the whole vehicle. The motors are generally permanent magnet synchronous motors.

Although the front hub motors produced by different manufacturers have slight differences in details, the basic structure is similar. Brake discs, brake calipers, motor stators, and motor rotors are typically integrated into standard rims. The rotor is fixed to the brake disc and the rim.