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Further optimization of the installation structure of E-Bike Central Motor
Jan 22, 2019

With the popularity of electric bicycles, the overall structural design and transmission system structure have also been greatly developed. Compared with the traditional front drive and rear drive mode, the E-Bike Central Motor has been widely used for its low magnetic resistance, low labor, small size, light weight, large torque for climbing, easy installation and maintenance. Applications.


However, there are still some shortcomings in the installation structure of the general E-Bike Central Motor, and a new installation structure is proposed for this purpose. The utility model mainly comprises an outer protective shell, a rotating block and a first gear plate and the like, and a waterproof layer is arranged on the inner surface of the outer protective shell, and an inner protective shell is arranged inside the outer protective shell, and the inner surface is provided with the first A spring is connected to the first spring, and the heat absorption box is connected to the dustproof plate by welding, and the longitudinal section of the dustproof plate has a circular arc shape.


The lower end of the central motor body of the electric bicycle is connected with a rotating shaft, and the outer surface of the rotating shaft is provided with a casing, the bottom end is provided with a mounting block, and the upper surface of the mounting block is provided with a mounting hole, and a movable rod is installed through the mounting hole and the heat absorption The connection of the box is threaded, and the longitudinal section of the mounting block has a "T" shape.


The installation structure of the electric motor central motor is convenient for disassembly and installation, and has a heat dissipating device and a buffer device. The protection device is relatively complete, and the waterproof performance is good. The dust-proof plate motor is not easy to enter the ash inside; and the maintenance work of the worker is convenient.