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How the brushed and brushless E-Bike motor kit with battery works
Feb 02, 2019

The E-Bike motor kit with battery can be easily divided into brushless and brushless. Among them, the brush motor is reversible, and the angles of all the windings are fixed, and the phase is adjusted by the brush. Brushless motors, as the name implies, have no brush commutation, and the commutation of the motor is phase-shifted by the Hall element sensing magnet.
It has the characteristics of brushed electric bicycle bicycle casing, which can be used for reversible power generation, and the generated electricity is DC. Its output voltage is comparable to the rated input voltage when the motor is running. When generating electricity, the rotor of the motor is wound with an electromagnetic coil and connected to the outside through a commutator. A cutting magnetic line is generated when the rotor coil makes a rotational motion on the circumference of the stator.
The brushless electric power bicycle motor kit features brushless, semiconductor switching devices for electronic commutation, that is, electronic switch devices replace traditional contact commutators and brushes. It has the advantages of high reliability, no commutation spark, and low mechanical noise. The position sensor commutates the current of the stator windings in a certain order according to changes in rotor position.