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In The face of the new national standard and 3C certification, the industry as a whole actively supports - The electric bicycle industry is poised to meet the challenge
Dec 22, 2018

      Because of its convenience and speed, electric bicycles have become an important means of transportation for people to travel short distances. However, its potential safety hazards and difficulties in standardizing management have also brought challenges to managers.

       To this end, in May this year, the State Administration of Markets and the National Standards Commission revised and released the new "Electric Bicycle Safety Technical Specifications" (hereinafter referred to as "new national standard"), and will be officially implemented on April 15, 2019; On August 1 this year, the mopeds including electric bicycles were also officially compulsory ("3C certification").

       With the arrival of two new policies, security and management problems will be alleviated to some extent, but the challenges facing the electric bicycle industry are increasingly prominent.

       According to reports, compared with the "old national standard" promulgated in 1999, the new national standard has comprehensively improved the safety performance of electric bicycles, and made major adjustments to the main technical indicators such as the maximum speed, vehicle quality, and pedaling ability. Technical indicators such as tamper resistance, fire performance, flame retardant performance, and charger protection have been added. For production companies, the challenge is greater in a short time.

        Recently, the company also expressed its concerns at the symposium on promoting the new national standard and 3C certification for electric bicycles held by the China Bicycle Association in conjunction with relevant authorities, certification and testing institutions, and key enterprises in the industry. The person in charge of some electric bicycle companies said that at present, in the process of certification, which products are qualified and which are not qualified, the certification bodies and testing institutions are also uncertain, which makes the understanding of standards not in place, affecting production and investment.

      The China Bicycle Association also found in the survey that the key issue of the development of the new national standard electric bicycle is not the whole vehicle, but the accessories. Because of the high safety requirements of the new national standard, especially the newly added indicators of flame retardant, water spray, and radio harassment, companies need to re-select suppliers, but the reality is that the corresponding supporting components are insufficient.

       Liu Suwen, chairman of the China Bicycle Association, said that at the beginning of the two new policies, especially the new national standard, the industry enterprises took a wait-and-see attitude and did not take up a minority. However, over the past few years, the situation has been greatly improved through the vigorous promotion of the new national standard, 3C certification, and the extensive coordination of local government departments and industry associations. At present, the industry as a whole has a positive attitude of support, not only can understand correctly, but also respond positively, and design and develop products that meet the new national standard.

       It is understood that leading enterprises actively change their concepts and develop new products. Enterprises from the understanding of recognition to the positive bidding for the new policy, design and production of new models, this "gradient" process is precisely the epitome of the industry transformation. At present, the industry has obtained 272 3C certifications.