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Motion reasons for the electric front hub motor kit for bikes
Oct 30, 2018

The electric front hub motor kit for bikes is one of the main components for the conduction movement between the rotating portion and the stationary portion of the motor. It has good sliding contact characteristics, and has special needs for relative resistivity and contact resistance. Most of the time, graphite is the main raw material.


The power of the electric front hub motor kit for bicycles is still connected to the current between these local objects in absolute motion. The most common are commutators for electric motors, as well as electric motors for electric motors and electric motors. It has a variety of shapes and is mostly rectangular on the motor and placed on the brush holder. There is a certain amount of pressure between the kit and the commutator or slip ring. The large motor assembly is very complicated and the small motor kit is very simple.


The current distribution of the electric front hub motor kit for bikes is also different. There are wires on the major motor kits, and small models are often led out by elastic conductive sheets. The material of the kit is mostly made of graphite, in order to add conductivity, and made of copper-containing graphite, graphite has good electrical conductivity, soft texture and wear resistance. When it is installed in the brush holder, it should be possible to move freely back and forth with the kit. Only in this way can the motor parts be continuously worn under the pressure of the spring, and then continue to be in close contact with the commutator or the collector ring for a long time.


Thus, there must be some space between the two sides of the electric front hub motor kit for the bicycle and the inner wall of the brush holder. It is now proven that this gap is usually between 0.1 and 0.8 mm. It should not be too big or too small.