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Operation technology and use requirements of E-bike rear hub motor
Oct 25, 2018

The E-bike rear hub motor is mainly adapted to the Chinese people's rear wheel drive habit. In fact, the front hub hub motor and the rear hub hub motor are not much different. The principle and manufacturing method are the same. The difference is that the rear hub hub motor has one flywheel wire. The buckle is used to fix the flywheel, and the length of the central axis is also lengthened. In foreign countries, the front wheel is mostly.

The electric assist bicycle rear wheel hub motor is also known as the wheel internal motor technology to a certain extent. The biggest feature of the electric assist bicycle is that the power, transmission and braking devices are integrated into the hub, so the mechanical part of the electric vehicle is greatly simplify.

The type of E-bike rear hub motor can be used as a motor, and is mainly a machine that converts electrical energy into mechanical energy during operation. Usually, the work part of the motor is rotated. This type of motor is called a rotor motor; it is also called a linear motor.