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Optimal design and performance of E-Bike hub motor
Dec 13, 2018

After the optimization design of the electric assisted single wheel hub motor, the performance indexes of the products have been tested by the relevant appraisal department and the long-term use of the user: after the electric drive single wheel hub motor product has a large starting torque, strong climbing force, high efficiency and noise Low, low failure rate and other advantages.

The E-Bike hub motor technology is also the wheel built-in motor technology. Its biggest feature is that the power unit, the transmission unit and the braking device are integrated into the hub, so that the mechanical part of the electric vehicle can be greatly simplified. In addition to a simpler structure, a vehicle driven by a hub motor can achieve better space utilization and a higher transmission efficiency.

In general, the E-Bike hub motor technology has obvious advantages in application: 1. It can omit a large number of transmission components, making the vehicle structure simpler; 2. It can realize a variety of complicated driving methods; New energy technologies.