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Overhaul experience and skills of 36V 250W front hub motor E-Bike kit
Nov 15, 2018

The power of the general 36V 250W front hub motor E-Bike kit is smaller than that of the pure electric motor. Because the moped is controlled by the microcomputer, it can help to reduce the strength of the bicycle when it is climbing or accelerating. .


As one of the four major parts of the electric assist bicycle, the 36V 250W front hub motor electric assist bicycle kit is converted into mechanical energy by the controller to draw the battery power, and it is necessary to take care of it in order to better travel for you. Do not overload the operation; try not to ride in the water; the motor is faulty and timely repaired.


When detecting the 36V 250W front hub motor electric assist bicycle kit Hall, you can use the multimeter 20v gear position, insert the red pen into the Hall positive pole, insert the black pen into the Hall yellow, green, blue, open the power lock, and turn the motor wheel by hand. If the voltage changes, the corresponding Hall is normal, and the general conversion voltage is 0-5v. On the contrary, if the voltage is not changed, the corresponding Hall is broken and replaced.


Then, the screw to be disassembled is sprayed with a rust remover, which brings convenience to the disassembly. The screw should not be thrown away by hand, so as not to be found during installation; 36V 250W front hub motor electric power bicycle set screw is mostly hexagonal wire It is best to use a "tip awl" to clean the foreign objects in the screw, so as to avoid the trouble of the hexagonal wrench screwing the hexagonal screw.