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Performance and application of E-bike front wheel hub motor
Sep 13, 2018

The E-bike front wheel hub motor refers to the motor motor installed inside the hub. After the power is turned on, the motor converts the electric energy into mechanical energy, thereby driving the wheel to rotate and driving the vehicle forward. In the current market, there are many small-wheel-sized city cars that are relatively small in size and are usually equipped with such electric-assisted bicycle front-wheel hub motors, which can take into account the overall shape of the internal shifting drum and the vehicle.


And if you want to provide more powerful power support for the bicycle, you can not only use the E-bike front wheel hub motor, but also the rear motor wheel. In this way, the rated power of the vehicle can be significantly increased.


Combined with the current development situation, the electric assist bicycle front wheel hub motor occupies more than half of the electric assist bicycles with its mature design and relatively low price. It should be noted that since the motor is integrated on the wheel, it is necessary to maintain the balance of the front and rear weights in order to maintain a smooth running when designing the entire vehicle.