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Performance and power support of 36V 250W electric power bicycle crank motor
Dec 11, 2018

The electric assist bicycle is a very light and flexible personal transport. It not only has the lightness and convenience of the bicycle, but also can effectively compensate the burden of the bicycle uphill, headwind and load. The 36V 250W electric assist bicycle crank motor is one of the important components of the electric assist bicycle, which lays a good foundation for vehicle performance.


From the composition point of view, the electric assist bicycle is based on the structure of the traditional bicycle, and then is equipped with a motor-based power system, equipped with sensors and batteries. The 36V 250W electric assist bicycle crank motor is based on the torque sensor to sense the rider's footstepping force, judge according to the size of the manpower, and then understand the rider's riding intention and provide corresponding power support.


In general, the power-assisted bicycle power transmission process is: pedal - 36V 250W electric power bicycle crank motor drive - crankset - chain - flywheel - rear hub - frame. According to the position of the motor as the core of the power system on the bicycle frame, the electric assist bicycle is divided into the rear drive assist and the center drive assist, and the drive scheme mostly adopts the square or sine wave control based on the switch Hall.