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Performance characteristics of E-Bike Crank Motor
Jan 24, 2019

E-Bike Crank Motors, also known as intermediate drive motors, supply power directly to the crank drive and are typically used with gears. Compared with simple brute force, E-Bike Crank Motors tend to be more stable and efficient, so they are very popular among users.


The E-Bike Crank Motor has a sector housing that can release heat more efficiently than the hub motor. The crank motor will be located in or near the bottom bracket, so the extra weight of the bike is low, helping to achieve a good balance and a classic bicycle feel.


The E-Bike Crank Motor works in tandem with the bicycle's gears, and the performance of the bicycle on the hillside can be better than the equivalent size of the hub motor. And it can work at very low power levels because they work very efficiently.