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Powerful E-bike central motor for the whole vehicle
Dec 08, 2018

Overall, the decisive factor for the quality of electric bicycles lies in the powerful E-bike central motor, which is the king of performance. That is to say, the electric assist bicycle equipped with the powerful electric assist bicycle central motor system not only has high power and high torsion output, but also improves the climbing performance and reduces the battery load.

Not only that, but the powerful E-bike central motor system can also effectively extend the vehicle's battery life, and it can easily ride without power, which is enough to meet the leisure needs of most cities. In comparison, after the central motor is installed, the linearity of the bicycle motor is better, the speed is stable, and the speed peak can be smoothly achieved.

Of course, in actual driving, the maximum speed and number of kilometers will also be affected by the model, terrain and battery capacity. The powerful electric assist bicycle central motor system can still achieve ideal cruising range even under harsh environmental conditions.