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Powerful electric bicycle crank motor maintenance skills
Nov 10, 2018

Powerful electric bicycle crank motors have many types, complex internal structures, and are extremely vulnerable parts, so the daily maintenance and use of it can not be avoided. Since the internal circuit and electrical connection of the powerful electric bicycle crank motor are designed and installed by professionals, as an ordinary user, it is not necessary to modify the motor privately, otherwise it is prone to spontaneous combustion or traffic accidents.


Since the general powerful electric bicycle crank motors does not have a good waterproof function, if you encounter too much water in a shallow river or urban area, try not to risk the motor running in deep water, and let the water surface exceed the rear wheel. Center axis position. During the use, check the tightening status of the motor and the rear fork. If the screw is loose, please rebuild it after sale.


Due to the different bearing capacities of electric vehicles of different brands and specifications, it is necessary to avoid overloading the electric vehicle as much as possible; also remember to regularly lubricate the chain, which not only reduces the wear of the transmission parts, but also reduces the transmission noise. In addition, for our safe travel, please check the electric vehicle regularly to eliminate safety hazards in advance.