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Requirements for The race bike of the World Cup Electric Power Group
Oct 23, 2018

     First, it must be an electric power-assisted vehicle. The driver steps on it and the motor provides auxiliary power. The motor cannot directly drive the vehicle forward without the driver stepping on it.

      Second, the rated power of the motor must not exceed 250 watts. When the speed exceeds 25 kilometers per hour, the motor power must be disconnected. The speed of the implementation mode vehicle must not exceed 6 kilometers. Overall, the standards of the World Cup Electric Power Group's competition vehicles are consistent with the European Union's electric bicycle regulations. That is to say, electric mountain bikes that meet the EU standards in the market can participate in the competition.

      In terms of competition system, the electric assist bicycle competition adopts the form of XC and Enduro competition. The driver must be at least 19 years old. It is not allowed to replace the battery during the competition. Even if the competition is won, UCI points will not be obtained.

   “Compared with traditional events, it is relatively easy to use electric power, the difficulty of steep slopes and obstacles is reduced, the speed of completion is faster, and the driver's control skills and the running-in state of the vehicle are tested. Although there is motor assistance, the competition is still a lot of physical energy consumption, and the game has not lost its competitive fun because of the change of the model.