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Riding Etiquette
Oct 12, 2018

1. Share the road

     Everyone loves the sun, whether it's a walker, a runner, a bike rider, or a rider. No matter who you are, everyone wants to enjoy the good times of summer. So if you see someone on the road, please slow down and be careful.

2. Do not litter

     No one will be friends with a littering person. Enjoy and appreciate nature here, instead of “contributing” plastics, food packaging or used inner tubes.

3. Keep the path dry

      Summer may mean that there are no thunderstorms and heavy rain coming from where. This usually causes the ground to be filled with dirt and stagnant water scattered around. Even if you are ready to ride, some trails may require extra time to dry. Please wait patiently and let the road dry, otherwise you may permanently ruin a trail, especially if it is a trail that is used by a large number of people throughout the year. Be patient - it's worth it!

4. Don't be too close

      The builders of the mountain trails have invested a lot of work so that all riders can enjoy their creations. Therefore, do not destroy their hard work by copying the road and creating new routes outside the track.

5. Give a helping hand

      If you see someone sitting next to the path, or struggling on their bike, or just looking a little lost - stop and check if they need help. In some cases, everyone will forget to bring a spare tire, a map, and drop their multi-tools at home.

6. Kindness - say "HI"

        The most important thing is to be kind. Whether on the road or in other places, the next time you ride, make sure you say "HI" and "thank you" when you pass.