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Selection of electric hub motor kit for bicycles
Jan 08, 2019

For the electric hub motor kit for bicycles, the focus is on the choice of the manufacturer. It is recommended that priority should be given to those manufacturers who have the technical strength to understand the motor technology, have the design capability, the production and assembly equipment is perfect, the process is mature, and the testing means are complete. This is a problem that must be brought to the attention of the vehicle manufacturers.


In fact, the selection of the electric hub motor kit for bicycles is often considered separately in combination with the actual application location, the intended use and the conditions of use. At present, great progress has been made in the design of the design, which is not the same as the monotony situation two years ago. At the same time, the application of rim motors is becoming more and more common.


In other words, when we choose the electric hub motor kit for each bicycle, the key is to fully understand the performance of various hub motors in advance, and decide which to use between 120W-240W according to different usage environments. Power, what type of hub motor. Only in this way can we make the best use of our products.