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Significant performance of the technical advantages of E-bike wheel hub motor
Nov 08, 2018

The E-bike wheel hub motor can be flexibly arranged in the wheels of various electric vehicles to directly drive the hub to rotate; compared with the traditional centralized driving methods such as internal combustion engines and single motors, the power configuration, transmission structure, handling performance, energy utilization, etc. The technical advantages and features of the aspect are extremely obvious.


For example, the power control of the E-bike wheel hub motor is changed from a hard connection to a soft connection, and the electronic controller can realize the stepless speed change between the hubs from zero to the maximum speed and the differential requirement between the hubs. The traditional mechanical shifting, clutch, transmission, transmission shaft and mechanical differential are eliminated, which makes the drive system and the whole vehicle structure simple and unified, and the available space is increased, and the transmission efficiency is improved.


Secondly, the use of electric power single wheel hub motor greatly increases the freedom of vehicle layout and body design, shortens the development cycle of new vehicles and reduces development costs. Moreover, the torque of each wheel hub is independently controllable, the response is fast, the forward and reverse rotation is flexible, and the instantaneous power performance is superior, which significantly improves the driving ability to adapt to the harsh road conditions.


In addition, the electric assist single wheel hub motor is also easier to realize the energy feedback of the electric brake, electromechanical composite braking and braking process of the hub, and can also optimize the control and management of the efficient use of the vehicle energy, and effectively save energy; It is also possible to achieve zero radius steering.