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Structure and maintenance details of the E-Bike central motor kit
Feb 12, 2019

The E-Bike central motor kit is mainly composed of a motor assembly, a five-way tube and a middle shaft, and the motor assembly includes a motor, a planetary gear reduction mechanism and a clutch. The central axis of the electric assist bicycle central motor kit is fixed or integrally provided with a magnetic ring, and the magnetic ring is evenly spaced along the circumference with a plurality of magnetic poles alternately arranged with S and N poles.
The E-Bike central motor kit has an elastic torsion sleeve on the shaft, one end of the elastic torsion body is fixed on the central shaft, the other end is fixed with a middle shaft gear, and the middle shaft gear meshes with the clutch gear disposed on the clutch; and the elastic torsion The body is fixedly or integrally provided with an isolating ring, and the isolating ring is sleeved on the magnetic ring, and a plurality of windows for guiding magnetic permeability are uniformly spaced on the circumference.
The E-Bike central motor kit further includes a coil fixed in the five-way pipe and located at the periphery of the isolation ring for sensing the change of the magnetic flux, the coil lead wire is electrically connected to the motor control circuit board of the electric bicycle, and the motor control circuit board is electrically connected to the motor. The signal sensing sensitivity and precision are high, and the working performance is more stable and reliable.
The electric assist bicycle central motor kit is good, but it also needs careful maintenance. For example, it is necessary to check the state of the fasteners on the rear forks frequently. If the screws are loose, they should be tightened in time; check whether the motor leads are Scratch, whether there is abnormal noise when the motor is running.