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Technical advantages of 150W 36V electric wheel hub motor
Nov 24, 2018

The technology of the 150W 36V electric wheel hub motoris to install the motor in the hub and directly drive the wheel without any mechanical structure transmission, highlighting the highly integrated features. Due to the complexity of the structure of the conventional transmission system, each stage of the transmission has a loss of transmission efficiency, and the loss of the overall transmission efficiency is still large. The 150W 36V electric wheel hub motordirectly drives the wheels, avoiding the loss of efficiency in the transmission path, improving efficiency and saving energy. For electric vehicles, the increase in efficiency can further increase the cruising range.


Because the 150W 36V electric wheel hub motoris highly integrated, the transmission mechanism in the middle can be saved, and the layout space can be saved. Since the motor directly drives the wheel, the motor controller can directly control the speed and torque of the wheel with a simple command. Very complex controls can be easily implemented.


Due to the high integration of the 150W 36V Electric Wheel Hub Motor, the hub motor is theoretically only related to the wheel size, so it is easier to modularize and avoid repeated development, which can shorten the development cycle and development cost of the new model and help reduce costs.