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The advantage of choosing a mid-mounted motor
Oct 01, 2018

First of all, the motor drive system is located at the five-way frame of the frame, which will not affect the front and rear weight balance of the whole vehicle. For the full suspension model, the center-mounted motor reduces the unsprung mass, and the feedback of the rear suspension is therefore more natural. There are inherent advantages in off-road control.

Secondly, the replacement of the wheel set is relatively convenient. If it is a hub motor, it is difficult for the rider to upgrade the wheel set by himself, and the center motor does not have this situation. The player can purchase the frame group to DIY himself, which greatly increases the playability. At the same time, excellent and efficient wheel sets can also reduce transmission losses and greatly improve endurance.

Thirdly, in off-road riding, the impact of the center motor on the hub motor is smaller, so it is more advantageous in terms of protection, thereby reducing the risk of damage to the motor and reducing the failure rate. Sensor classification

The sensors currently used in E-BIKE on the market can be divided into torque sensors, cadence sensors, and speed sensors. The torque sensor obtains a high-precision torque value by measuring the fine deformation of the metal surface after the force is applied.

 As the name implies, the cadence sensor judges the boosting demand by measuring the cadence. The speed sensor is the same, but such a setting obviously cannot match the real demand. For example, when climbing a hill or encountering a headwind, the cadence and speed of the person are slow, and the motor does not need much help from the default rider.

A reliable E-BIKE usually superimposes the torque, cadence, and speed sensors to determine the current riding state through comprehensive calculations.