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The competitiveness of electric bicycle wheel hub motor
Dec 15, 2018

One of the major advantages of the electric bicycle wheel hub motor in the application is that the power, transmission and braking devices can be integrated into the hub, thus greatly simplifying the mechanical part of the electric vehicle. In-wheel motor technology has long been used in mine transportation vehicles and other fields.

Due to the different rotor types of the electric machine, the current electric bicycle wheel hub motor drive system can adopt two different structural forms, namely an inner rotor type and an outer rotor type. The outer rotor type adopts low-speed outer rotor motor, the maximum speed of the motor is 1000-1500r/min, no deceleration device, the rotation speed of the wheel is the same as that of the motor, and the inner rotor type adopts high-speed inner rotor motor and reducer with fixed transmission ratio. In order to achieve higher power density, the motor speed can be as high as 10000r/min.

The use of electric assisted single-wheel hub motors enables a variety of complex drive methods, whether it is a front-drive, a rear-drive or a four-wheel drive, which can be easily implemented. Full-time four-wheel drive is very easy to implement on a wheel-motor-driven vehicle. . It is almost possible to achieve in-situ steering even under special circumstances, which is valuable for special vehicles.