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The composition and function of E-Bike Drive System
Jan 15, 2019

The E-Bike Drive System mainly consists of two parts, namely hardware system and software system. As a safe, economical and clean green vehicle, electric bicycles not only have their unique advantages and competitiveness in energy and environment, but also can more easily adopt modern control technology to achieve their goal of mechatronics. Broad development prospects.


At present, the main components of electric bicycles include: electric vehicle drive system, auxiliary system, energy management system and mechanical transmission system. Among them, the electric vehicle drive system is the heart of the electric vehicle, and its output characteristics determine the dynamic characteristics of the electric vehicle, which is a guarantee for improving the driving range, driving convenience and reliability. Electric vehicle drive systems all have the same or similar functional structure, including control systems, inverters, and drive motors.


In the E-Bike Drive System, the core controller is mainly included, and the drive motor can be a permanent magnet synchronous motor, and the drive motor control technology uses direct torque control. In short, in practical applications, the performance of the E-Bike Drive System is more stable and reliable.