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The Difference Between a Single-sided Sensor and a Bilateral Sensor
Oct 08, 2018

In the hot European market of E-BIKE, customers will hang on to the question "whether the torque sensor of this car is unilateral or bilateral".

The reason why customers care about torque sensors is because the strengths and weaknesses of torque sensors are largely linked directly to the riding experience. When the E-Bike's crank is on the right side, when the rider steps on the right foot, the force is transmitted directly to the crank through the right. When the rider steps on the left foot, the force is first transmitted from the left crank through the center shaft to the crank. If you want to detect the pedaling force of the left foot, the easiest way is to collect the deformation data of the central axis. This is the one-sided torque sensor.

Although the left foot will cause the central axis to deform when stepping on, the pedaling force of the right foot will be transmitted directly to the crank, which will hardly affect the center shaft. Therefore, although the one-sided torque sensor can sense the force applied to the left foot, it cannot sense the force applied to the right foot.

However, if you want to sense the force of the left and right feet at the same time, the sensor can accurately measure the difference between the pedaling force of the left and right feet.