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The function and function of the rear wheel electric bicycle motor kit
Dec 20, 2018

The rear-wheel-assisted bicycle motor kit usually includes 2 sets of DC motors, 2 sets of motor-specific encoders, 2 high-quality rubber wheels and a set of couplings, which is very suitable for the research of advanced robot motion algorithms. Thanks to the rated torque of the motor up to 1.0 N.m, this power combination makes it easy to drive medium-sized robot platforms.


In the long-term endurance test, the rear-wheel-assisted bicycle motor kit maintains smooth operation and meets the requirements in terms of power, accuracy and reliability. The kit is suitable for different models, allowing a regular bicycle to be turned into an electric bicycle while retaining the integrity of the original car. It can be powered by electric power as well as pure electric riding mode.


In the process of driving the vehicle, the working condition of the vehicle and the parts can be detected by the wheel-assisted bicycle motor kit, and the driving speed and mileage can be fed back, so that the user can easily relax a little while riding. For different requirements, we can inform us of the specific needs, we can provide special model customization services.