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The main advantages and transmission ratio of the economical E-Bike central motor
Oct 16, 2018

When the oil of the economical E-Bike central motor is changed to electricity, it is necessary to maintain the overall appearance of the vehicle, especially the rear hub can be replaced. The newly assembled motor can easily match the appearance of the front and rear wheel hubs. When the air throttle of the economical electric bicycle central motor slides, it will not waste energy due to the resistance of the motor. Even if there is ESB reverse charging, many netizens report it. Not easy to use, if there is a flywheel ratchet structure, you can achieve the general resistance-free sliding of the bicycle!

The center of gravity of the economical E-Bike central motor is relatively easy to control in the center of the front and rear direction of the vehicle body, so that the quality of the rear unsprung can be reduced, and the motor can be used with the pedals without difficulty, just like a bicycle. The gear ratio can be arbitrarily configured according to the gears, and the potential of the motor can be fully utilized according to the use requirements. It is even possible to design transmissions and clutches.

The advantage of the economical E-Bike central motor is that it can maintain the balance of the front and rear weight of the whole vehicle as much as possible, and to a certain extent, it will not affect the movement of the shock absorber. The impact of the motor on the road is also smaller, and the ultra-high integration can be reduced. Unnecessary line pipe is exposed, so it is better than off-road motor in terms of off-road handling, stability, and passability. At the same time, the player can also freely choose the wheel set and transmission, and the daily disassembly and maintenance of the hub is also simpler.