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The main function of the mid-motor drive system for an electric bicycle
Nov 03, 2018

The reason why the mid-motor drive system for an electric bicycle is set is because the direct voltage can only add the grid voltage and cannot be controlled; and the actual power-assisted bicycle motor needs to control the speed, torque and position, etc., and the voltage and current need to be adjusted at any time. It is not possible to change the voltage and current directly, so it is necessary to add a drive system.


In the central motor drive system of the electric assist bicycle, the utility model comprises a screw rod, a driving motor and a linear motor, and the driving motor is used for driving the screw to move along the extending direction of the screw; and the linear motor can be combined with The lead screw is fixedly connected, and when connected, the linear motor applies a thrust to the lead screw along the direction in which the lead screw extends.


To understand the electric motor-assisted bicycle's mid-mounted motor drive system, converting rotary motion to linear motion is an important application. The large thrust is achieved by the combination of the reduction gear and the servo motor. According to the design of the above structure, the occurrence of slippage in an extreme state can be effectively prevented.