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The Role of E-bike Power System
Sep 20, 2018

Electric assist bicycle is a personal vehicle with light weight and convenience. In fact, this type of vehicle is based on a traditional bicycle and is powered by a torque-sensing bicycle-powered electric bicycle with a corresponding motor and battery. This kind of bicycle is a good solution to the problem of the bicycle going uphill, headwind, and the burden of loading.


In the process of riding, the electric assist bicycle mainly uses the torque sensor of the E-bike power system to sense the strength of the rider's foot pedal, judge according to the size of the manpower, and then understand the rider's riding intention and provide corresponding Power support. Simply put, it is mainly driven by a hybrid drive of "human + electric power" to drive the wheels forward.


It can be seen that the main difference of the electric assist bicycle is that with the help of the electric assist bicycle power system, we do not feel laborious during the riding process, and at the same time, because of the manpower composition, it is equipped with a small battery. Under the conditions, it can surpass the cruising range of ordinary electric bicycles, generally around 50-100 kilometers, and lasting for a long time.